AHT Group has just launched an exciting new web publication: CIO of the Future

Our latest web publication, CIO of the Future, looks at where the role and responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer are headed.

CIO of the Future

We have a number of brilliant technology leaders on board who are sharing their insights with our community.

Editor of CIO of the Future, Peter Evans Greenwood has a vast understanding on the intersection between business and technology. Peter was previously Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini Australia. He has also recently published a fantastic book, The New Instability.

Advanced Human Technologies Group has had the pleasure of working with Peter in the past when he was a speaker at one of our events, Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum (hosted by our sister company, Future Exploration Network).

CIO of the Future is about more than just the role of the CIO, it is also about examining the responsibilities and actions that the CIO and other departments need to be aware of in a rapidly changing world.

Head over to CIO of the Future and join the conversation.

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