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Lessons on building a successful web publication from Future of Sex

Endless possibilities await us in the future of sex.

Robots may very well become our preferred lovers. Heck, we may no longer even need our bodies to climax. It could all happen in our minds, resembling something like the Demolition Man sex scene between Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone.

The Future of Sex explores advances in sex and technology.

Since taking the helm as editor and writer of Future Of Sex in February, I’ve discovered fascinating innovations that are turning our sexual worlds upside down. I’ve also learned a great deal about growing a promising online publication.

Read below to learn what I’ve discovered from our top articles, our growing website traffic, and our search for great writers.

Welcome to the new AHT Group website!

In a long overdue move, we have just relaunched the AHT Group website.

While there are currently four companies in the Advanced Human Technologies group, until the relaunch this website focused only on the hub company Advanced Human Technologies, and offered an out-of-date view that focused more on services than ventures.

Our business model (see forthcoming post) is designed around the complementary activities of the companies in the group. Since the domain name for Advanced Human Technologies has been for well over a decade (anticipating the move to a group structure), this website will cover both the group’s activities as well as those of the hub company.