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AHT Group expands its team: Insights from our Sydney team meeting

On Monday April 13, AHT Group’s team members in Sydney had the exciting opportunity to get together and discuss our processes, projects, and plans for expansion. Having recently welcomed quite a few new team members, AHT is shifting to a team project model. This shift requires a comprehensive master plan, refined project team frameworks and new profit share structures. Inviting each other’s input was constructive, with the flow of ideas adding value to AHT’s planning.

Open Business: Updated Strategic Overview of AHT Group’s activities

At the beginning of 2012 I created an overview of our companies’ activities, primarily to help us to see the big picture of what we were doing, but also to communicate to others the scope of our activities.

We have now redesigned and restructured the overview to make it easier to understand. Again the primary intent is to help me and the AHT Group team to understand the scope of our activities and planned projects, and to prioritize our time and energy. However based on our core principle of Open Business, we also publish it so others can see what we are doing, and apply the structures and ideas themselves if they find them useful.

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Welcome to the new AHT Group website!

In a long overdue move, we have just relaunched the AHT Group website.

While there are currently four companies in the Advanced Human Technologies group, until the relaunch this website focused only on the hub company Advanced Human Technologies, and offered an out-of-date view that focused more on services than ventures.

Our business model (see forthcoming post) is designed around the complementary activities of the companies in the group. Since the domain name for Advanced Human Technologies has been for well over a decade (anticipating the move to a group structure), this website will cover both the group’s activities as well as those of the hub company.