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AHT Group expands its team: Insights from our Sydney team meeting

On Monday April 13, AHT Group’s team members in Sydney had the exciting opportunity to get together and discuss our processes, projects, and plans for expansion. Having recently welcomed quite a few new team members, AHT is shifting to a team project model. This shift requires a comprehensive master plan, refined project team frameworks and new profit share structures. Inviting each other’s input was constructive, with the flow of ideas adding value to AHT’s planning.

We are looking for exceptionally talented people in Sydney (and globally) to help create the future of work!

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be right for any of the roles below!!

Advanced Human Technologies Group is growing, and looking for amazing people for the following roles. Sydney location is always preferred, people from the rest of world are welcome for many roles. In almost all cases these are flexible part-time roles. Read below for context and background.

Getting Talent: Why we do paid one-day trials

At Advanced Human Technologies Group we are building a set of business models largely based on distributed part-time talent.

On our Why Work For Us page on our We’re Looking For Talent site we describe our process for building great working relationships.

We usually begin with an interview and one or more brief tests (later I’ll share more about the kinds of tests we are using and finding useful). From there the next step is almost always a one-day paid trial.

Welcome to the new AHT Group website!

In a long overdue move, we have just relaunched the AHT Group website.

While there are currently four companies in the Advanced Human Technologies group, until the relaunch this website focused only on the hub company Advanced Human Technologies, and offered an out-of-date view that focused more on services than ventures.

Our business model (see forthcoming post) is designed around the complementary activities of the companies in the group. Since the domain name for Advanced Human Technologies has been for well over a decade (anticipating the move to a group structure), this website will cover both the group’s activities as well as those of the hub company.