We are looking for exceptionally talented people in Sydney (and globally) to help create the future of work!

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be right for any of the roles below!!

Advanced Human Technologies Group is growing, and looking for amazing people for the following roles. Sydney location is always preferred, people from the rest of world are welcome for many roles. In almost all cases these are flexible part-time roles. Read below for context and background.

Startup processes

Publishing and content creation

Creative agency and design

3D visualization

SaaS and web development


We are in a transition phase at Advanced Human Technologies Group, building the platform that will enable us to grow to the next level of our development.

Since we are designing highly-scalable organizations based on distributed work, a significant foundation is developing highly effective processes and structures.

We also need exceptional team members who can work at the world-class standard levels that we set ourselves, and lead our global extended team.

On our We’re Looking for Talent website we describe our working principles, including exceptional talent, flexible part-time work and profit sharing.

Some of the roles on the website are described above, but please also have a look at the full list of roles.

More importantly than anything else we are looking for absolutely exceptional people who have relevant skills and believe in what we are doing.

Among the benefits of working at Advanced Human Technologies Group is participating in a globally unique model, striving to demonstrate the possibilities of crowds and distributed talent.

If you feel there may be a match or you’d like to discuss, please apply!

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