Advanced Human Technologies establishes and supports ventures.

Companies that Advanced Human Technologies provides strategic support services to include:

Future Exploration Network

Future Exploration Network assists major organizations globally to gain insights into the future and develop strategies that create competitive advantage.

See Future Exploration Network website.

The Insight Exchange

Leading events firm, The Insight Exchange, provides streamlined education and highly targeted networking. It helps senior executives learn about critical business issues through content driven discussions, generating valuable insights and clear strategies to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

See The Insight Exchange website.


MemeStreme is a content agency powered by the crowd.

MemeStreme is currently in stealth mode and will be launched shortly.

MultiDimensionCorp specializes in the creation of three-dimensional information interfaces that allow users to convey information in ways that are better suited to our visual brains.

MultiDimensionCorp is currently in stealth mode and will be launched shortly.


Repyoot is a start-up that provides insights into individual influence and reputation.

Repyoot is currently in stealth mode and will shortly be launched in private beta.


Advanced Human Technologies publishes quality websites.


CIO of the Future provides relevant and useful insights on the evolving role of the Chief Information Officer and technology in large organizations.

See CIO of the Future Website.


Creating the future of PR is intended to clarify and communicate the shifts and emerging trends that are shaping the emerging landscape, the best examples of how PR professionals are seizing the resulting opportunities, the leaders who are taking the profession forward, and the possibilities ahead.

Se Creating the Future of PR website.

Future of Sex

Future of Sex provides insights into the fascinating topic of the future of human sex and sexuality. It looks at how communication, interface, biological and other technologies are enabling new expressions of human sexuality, and the individual and societal responses to these significant shifts.

See Future of Sex website.

Getting Results From Crowds

“Getting results from Crowds”: The definitive guide to using crowdsourcing to grow your business. This website offers free resources, insights and knowledge on how to model your business around using Crowdsourcing.

See Getting Results From Crowds website.