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We’re looking for talent

Humans + AI: Content/ Community manager

Create high-value content on AI productivity and engage a sophisticated community


Can be located anywhere, however must have some overlap with Sydney hours.

Anyone from Bondi or Sydney highly favored!


Initially around 8 hours per week, may expand.


We are building a Humans + AI Learning Community, focused on helping sophisticated users to maximize the value of applying generative AI to their work.

This will include courses and discussion channels on building Humans + AI workflow, including extensive practical use cases and detailed implementation guides for creating business value.

Users will include professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers, but there will also be extensive content for business leaders who are implementing generative AI in operations, workflow, and strategic decision-making.

We are looking for someone exceptional who has the ability to create and supervise quality content in a variety of formats. Fascination with the latest in generative AI and the ability to create content that is pragmatic and useful to sophisticated users is essential.

They will be working as part of a talented community/ content team launching and rapidly growing the Humans + AI Learning Community.

If you are on the edge of practical use of generative AI and an experienced content creator then let’s talk!


The right candidate will:

  • Be fascinated by gemerative AI with a strong undersatnding of the effective use of the tools and the current state-of-tje-art.
  • Experienced in creating and/or supervising content creation, including structured guides, step-by-step walkthroughts, video tutorials etc.
  • Able to create quality content based on reference material
  • Able to work with video editors, writers etc. to guide and edit their work
  • Ideally experienced in instructional design
  • Experienced in community management and community growth, with an engaging and helpful online personality.


    Hourly pay.

    Application process:

    ALL applications must be made on our application form.

    Be sure to read our working principles to understand:

    • Why we believe in talent and expect excellence
    • Lean startup principles
    • How we reward our team
    • The application process, including tests, trials, and deeper engagement
    We may offer promising candidates paid trials.