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We’re looking for talent

Exceptional blogger/ writer/ editor on the future of sex

Talented blogger who can write in an engaging manner about the intersection of technology and sexuality.




Initially writing regular blog posts which could expand into an expanded part-time role as site editor.


Regular blog posting on Future of Sex online magazine.

We would prefer candidates who can usually quite promptly respond to relevant news.

Ideally we would like someone who, after an initial period of writing, is able to move into the role of site editor. This will involve identifying story ideas, ensuring editorial standards, and running the social media associated with the site.


Candidates must be outstanding writers, experienced with blogging style and protocols.

We are particularly interested in those who have solid experience as an editor and/or with social media including Twitter and Facebook pages.


Writers will be paid by the article (see details on writer payments), plus a bonus depending on article views. Editors will be paid an hourly rate. All contributors will receive a profit share. We’re happy to discuss pay structures with exceptional people.Hourly rate.

Application process:

ALL applications must be made on our application form.

Be sure to read our working principles to understand:

  • Why we believe in talent and expect excellence
  • Lean startup principles
  • How we reward our team
  • The application process, including tests, trials, and deeper engagement
We may offer promising candidates paid trials.