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Restructuring and relaunching AHT Group


It is a very long time since I have posted on the Advanced Human Technologies (AHT) Group blog. What has happened between now and then would take a long sit down and a few beers to tell🙂. 

This website was redesigned a few years ago to show AHT Group’s distilled Purpose, Structure, and Essence that you can see on the front page of the website.

The original vision of AHT Group has remain throughout: to catalyze networks of human potential in new models to achieve worthwhile outcomes.  

In recent years as our individual ventures have continued to do business and develop, in background mode we have been working on reframing the group as a whole and the role of each company in the group. 

The last piece has fallen into place with the launch of Informivity. With this launch we are effectively relaunching a restructured AHT Group. 

Part of the journey of AHT Group has been identifying a fully scalable startup that is completely aligned with the purpose and directions of the group. The existing ventures have solid business models, but while they have some degrees of scalability, none have been fully scalable.

Informivity is an absolutely perfect fit for AHT Group, with its focus on enhancing human cognitive capabilities to enable the ‘information productivity’ we all require in a world of overload. 

I originally coined the phrase ‘advanced human technologies’ to refer to the full array of techniques and approaches to help humans be more effective, these being ‘human technologies’ as distinct to the information technologies we know so well.

In fact the original concept and core ideas of my new book Thriving on Overload, which provided the seed for Informivity, were generated at the same time that I was choosing a name for my first company. In many ways the launch of the book and Informivity is a return to the original ethos that began this odyssey.

Thank you for being interested in AHT Group. For us this is the beginning of a new phase of exploring the value models of the future. We will be working hard to have notable news and updates to share along the way. I hope we cross paths on that journey.

September 20, 2022

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