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Open Business: Updated Strategic Overview of AHT Group’s activities


At the beginning of 2012 I created an overview of our companies’ activities, primarily to help us to see the big picture of what we were doing, but also to communicate to others the scope of our activities.

We have now redesigned and restructured the overview to make it easier to understand. Again the primary intent is to help me and the AHT Group team to understand the scope of our activities and planned projects, and to prioritize our time and energy. However based on our core principle of Open Business, we also publish it so others can see what we are doing, and apply the structures and ideas themselves if they find them useful.

The Strategic Overview is complementary to the AHT Group Business Model. Our original business model overview from 2011 combined our model and activities into one visual. We now find it is more useful to separate out the activities and priorities from the underlying business model.

The Strategic Overview visual provides a current snapshot of our activities and projects. We continuously update it for internal use, and will regularly release new public versions as there are significant changes.

Below is a high-level description of the elements in the overview. In future posts we will describe in more detail many of the individual elements and projects as they are launched.


Expert services: Services delivered primarily by Ross Dawson

Corporate services: Scalable services provided to corporate and government clients

Ventures: Planned new companies, each funded with a limited amount of internal capital with a view to later raising external capital if warranted.

Publishing: Publishing of print and digital books and reports and rich content websites

Projects/ Apps: Web and mobile apps that currently are not planned as stand-alone companies

Events: Conferences, executive roundtables, parties, and other events that complement our other activities


Talent: Highest priority hires as covered on our We’re Looking For Talent site

Team: Practices, structures, and processes that enable high team performance

Content: Content generated that is freely disseminated or published by other organizations

Visibility: How we build the findability and presence for our full scope of activities

Processes: Establishment and definition of processes that support our group’s activities

Platform: Fundamental enablers that drive the business model

April 03, 2021

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