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Creating the value models of the future

Our Purpose

Enable better leaders, organizations and decisions that help shape a better future

Our Structure

Awakening global networks of talent and ideas

Our Essence

Active exploration and connection

About Us

Advanced Human Technologies Group is a set of companies founded by Ross Dawson that explores new models for value creation and tapping human potential

Our Companies

Advanced Human Technologies

Tapping the potential of the network economy for ourselves and our clients

Talent Network

Core project management and global distributed team of professionals and specialists.

Services and Activities

Innovation Leadership

Strategy for the Network Economy

Publishing and Platform Ventures


Amplifying human potential for an accelerating world

Talent Network

Community of Humans + AI leaders co-creating world-leading practices


Humans + AI communities

Humans + AI workflow software

Corporate productivity

Future Exploration Network

Helping leading organizations to see and create the future

Talent Network

Drawing on global best-of-breed futurists and experts in dynamic delivery teams


Board and Executive

Industry Futures Research

Thought Leadership

The Insight Exchange

Connecting leaders and ideas at the edge of the future

Talent Network

Catalyzing value by bringing together top future-oriented executives, experts and leaders


Industry Leadership

Director Innovation

Future of Event Networks

Our Chairman

Founding Chairman of Advanced Human Technologies Group
Inspiring powerful insights and action for a better future


Keynote Speaking

Strategy Facilitation

Thought Leadership Content

Our Clients include

Associated Organization

Making Bondi region into a world-class innovation center

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