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We’re looking for talent

YouTube Segment Producer: The Virtual Excellence Show

Produce high-quality short videos for a YouTube channel for a sophisticated professional audience


We are open to candidates working anywhere as long as they can overlap with Sydney working hours.

Candidates based in Bondi or who can get there regularly will be strongly favoured.


Contract/ ad-hoc work to be agreed with the successful candidate.


We are looking for a multi-talented video producer to work with futurist Ross Dawson on his new YouTube channel, The Virtual Excellence Show.

We are looking for someone who can lead or play a key role in many or all of:

  • Creating high-quality videos for The Virtual Excellence Show YouTube channel
  • Conceiving compelling topics for videos that fit The Virtual Excellence Show
  • Researching video topics for a sophisticated professional audience
  • Scripting segments
  • Identifying, liaising with and recording interview guests
  • Directing segments in formats including hosted or animated
  • Where relevant working with segments hosts or potentially hosting segments
  • Post-production

The successful candidate will be working with a team of local and remote specialists.


The core capabilities we are looking for are:

  • Highly intelligent and passionate about the potential of a connected world
  • Extensive experience in video production
  • Specific experience in producing video for YouTube, preferably also in growing YouTube channels
  • Highly familiar with software for virtual work and virtual events
  • Competent in conceiving, scripting, recording and producing compelling segments for professional audiences


Hourly rate.

Application process:

ALL applications must be made on our application form.

Be sure to read our working principles to understand:

  • Why we believe in talent and expect excellence
  • Lean startup principles
  • How we reward our team
  • The application process, including tests, trials, and deeper engagement
We may offer promising candidates paid trials.