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Our Working Principles

Do you want be part of creating the future of work?

We are looking for passionate and talented people to be part of our talent network, working on interesting and worthwhile projects.

These are the principles that shape how we work. 

Positive impact 

The primary intent of our work is to have a positive impact, especially by helping leaders to think more about the future and the potential of their current actions. 

We also seek to demonstrate the potential of new models for value creation, including global distributed teams based on flexible part-time work.

Bondi and global  

Our team is both local and global. Our core team works in and around Bondi Beach, Australia. They work closely with our global distributed team of experts and specialists.

Our team structure is intended to provide talented individuals with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and create value across boundaries.


Virtually everyone in our talent network works for us part-time on a flexible basis. There are many exceptionally talented people who are looking for challenging and rewarding part-time work. 

We seek where possible to offer them flexibility around their other commitments, and look for flexibility in return.


For a distributed part-time team to function, everyone must adhere to simple principles in their work and communication. 


Our essence is exploration and connection. We believe in possibilities beyond the mundane and seek to try new approaches, experiment with value models, and create serendipity in valuable connections between ideas and team members. We want to work with people who are excited about the potential of their work and themselves.

Learning together

When you do new things you learn. We expect everyone in our team to be learning by doing and learning from each other.

Current Priority Roles